Parenting ADHD Podcast

PAP 003: What Your Child’s Behavior Is Actually Telling You, with Sarah Wayland, PhD

March 17, 2017

On this episode of the Parenting ADHD Podcast, I talk with Sarah Wayland, PhD, a Consultant and Special Needs Care Navigator, of Guiding Exceptional Parents. Sarah and I have known each other for several years, after meeting at the Happy Mama Retreat. She truly understands kids with ADHD and autism and always offers great insights in informed and compassionate parenting.

When my son was struggling with some serious increased anxiety and crisis behaviors about two years ago, Sarah introduced me to the concept of "behavior is communication." It is a profoundly powerful parenting perspective.

On this show, Sarah and I discuss what "behavior is communication" means, what behaviors parents see that are actually communicating something else, and how to let this knowledge guide you to more effective parenting for your child with behavioral and/or developmental disorders.




  Resources in this Episode (Yes, some of these are affiliate links.) Ross Greene: and The Explosive Child Ross Greene's ALSUP to identify problem areas and lagging skills: Brenda Smith Myles Rumble Rage Cycle:, from her book: High-Functioning Autism & Difficult Moments Martin Seligman's The Optimistic Child Dr. Dan Shapiro's website: Sarah also outlines the "STEPS" process to problem solving: “STEPS” to problem solving

Say what the problem is. Think about all possible solutions. Examine each possible solution. Pick the best solution. See how it works.

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