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PAP 025: The Benefits of Screen Time and Gaming for Kids with ADHD, with Randy Kulman

January 11, 2018

In this episode of the Parenting ADHD Podcast, I'm talking with Dr. Randy Kulman, of Learning Works for Kids, about screen time and gaming. We focus our discussion on the benefits of gaming and technology, including a list of games that are good for your child. Yep, I said good for your child. Listen now to find out what skills can be improved, and by which games. And, recognize that screen time isn't all bad.


*Note: I experienced a small technology glitch when recording this episode that resulted in an audio glitch in the middle of the recording. It doesn't affect the awesome information you get from this episode.


  Resources in this Episode (Yes, some of these are affiliate links.) Dr. Kulman's Recommended Games:

Minecraft Dragon Quest Builders Bad Piggies Braid and Braid 2 Wii Sports

Apps to Use as Assistive Technology:


Dr. Kulman's Books:

Train Your Brain for Success: A Teenager’s Guide to Executive Functions Playing Smarter in a Digital World

Other Books Mentioned:

Spark, John Ratey

Articles Mentioned:

Laptops or Learning: Helping Students with ADHD and Learning Disabilities (in response to the NYT article,

  My Guest As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site Randy Kulman, Ph.D. is the Founder and President of LearningWorks for Kids , an educational technology company that specializes in using video games to teach executive-functioning and academic skills. For the past 25 years, Dr. Kulman has also been the Clinical Director and President of South County Child and Family Consultants, a multidisciplinary group of private practitioners that specializes in assessment and interventions for children with learning disorders and attention difficulties. Additionally, Dr. Kulman is the author of numerous essays and book chapters on the use of digital technologies for improving executive-functioning skills in children. His current research projects include the development of a parent and teacher scale for assessing executive-functioning skills in children and a large survey study examining how children with ADHD and Autism use popular video games and apps. He is an advisor and occasional writer for ADDitude Magazine,, and Toca Boca. He is the author of two books; Train Your Brain for Success: A Teenager’s Guide to Executive Functions and Playing Smarter in a Digital World. Where to Find Dr. Kulman


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