Parenting ADHD Podcast

PAP 083: Strategies for Mama Wellness, with Kate Lynch

March 12, 2020

As moms, we think of self-care as selfish and frivolous. But self-care is so much more than a spa massage or a weekend away with your girlfriends. Self-care includes all eight dimensions of wellness: physical, spiritual, emotional, social, environmental, financial, intellectual, and career. That's true wellness, and it takes mindful awareness and some work. Remember, self-care isn't selfish... you can only give your best to your kids and your family when you are feeling your best — feeling your best in all areas.  

In this episode of the Parenting ADHD Podcast, I'm talking with Kate Lynch of Healthy Happy Yoga about mama wellness. Not only do we talk about the dimensions of wellness and your mama mindset and self-compassion, but we offer many insights and strategies on how to shift your mindset, make wellness a priority, and fit it into your life. And, we're giving you permission to take care of you, Mama.