Parenting ADHD Podcast

PAP 085: How Connection is More Powerful than Correction with Rebecca Brown Wright

April 9, 2020

Connection is a fundamental human need, and one that holds an immense amount of power for individuals, even kids. Especially kids. And, when we're talking about kids with ADHD and/or autism, connection is often a struggle — socially or with family members, like parents. Feeling connected to others provides a sense of safety and security. We feel more at ease and less anxious when we feel connected. This means better behavior and a better sense of self and self-worth.

I'm joined by Rebecca Brown Wright, creator of the Back-and-Forth Journal, for this episode of the Parenting ADHD Podcast. Rebecca shares her journey to realizing that connection with her children is more powerful than discipline and correction, and how it improved her kids' behavior. We also discuss how you can build and nurture authentic connections with your kids, too.